It’s not uncommon for individuals or businesses to find themselves in “hot water” with the IRS or with other taxing agencies.  Once you’re on their radar, tax agencies will relentlessly pursue you until they get what the need… with or without your cooperation.

Take Charge of the Situation

If you’ve been contacted by a tax agency and are facing the threat of liens, foreclosures, garnishments, or other encumbrances, it’s absolutely in your best interest to move forward and attempt to resolve the matter proactively.

Cloister Tax Services’ Enrolled Agent can act on your behalf to communicate with the IRS and other tax agencies in order to:

  • Resolve outstanding tax issues
  • Negotiate structured payment plans
  • Reduce or eliminate penalty and interest charges
  • Halt or delay legal actions
  • File appeals and amendments

We do everything within our power to bring back into compliance with the IRS and other tax agencies.

The first step to resolution begins with you!

If you need help resolving issues with the IRS or another tax agency, call Cloister Tax Services today and schedule an appointment.  Initial consultations are free.