Professional Advice for Quickbooks Users

Did you know that over 90% of small businesses in the United States use Quickbooks as their computerized accounting solution? It’s no wonder, considering its ease of use. Still, no matter how easy, bookkeepers and business owners often face challenging questions regarding specific Quickbooks features and functions. Here are a few of the many examples:

  • How to set up a new company
  • How to add new accounts to the Chart of Accounts
  • How to set up, track and pay taxes
  • How to limit access of certain parts of Quickbooks to different people

Often the answers to these questions aren’t completely obvious and a little “hand-holding” is needed to get headed in the right direction. It’s exactly at this moment that having access to a Quickbooks ProAdvisor is most valuable. A Quickbooks ProAdvisor is a uniquely skilled individual who is adept at matters concerning the #1 accounting solution in the Country… Quickbooks!

Remote Assistance

Cloister Tax Services is even able (with a little assistance from you) to log into your computer and work with you remotely to resolve problems or questions you may have.

Advanced Support

Quickbooks ProAdvisors have direct access to top-of-the-line Intuit Quickbooks technicians. Should an issue you’re facing ever exceed the capabilities of our Quickbooks ProAdvisor, the matter can be “run up the flagpole” directly to the technical advisors at Intuit.