Graphic containing the words, "Have We Ever Mentioned How Much We Appreciate Your Referrals? $50 ...that's how much!

Cloister Tax Services Referral Reward Program

Every year our clients direct their friends, relatives and co-workers to Cloister Tax Services.  Obviously we’re thrilled to receive referrals because it means our clients are happy.

To make it even more beneficial to send business our way we have a simple program that rewards our existing clients for referrals.

Here’s How It Works

Whenever one of our existing clients sends us a new tax preparation client, we give that referrer $50.  It’s that simple!  So if the idea of an extra $50 of cash-money in your pocket sounds appealing, just direct your friends to Cloister Tax Services.

The (not so) Fine Print

  • In order to receive the $50 Referral Reward, both the Referrer and the Referred (the person or family that was referred) must have their tax return prepared by Cloister Tax Services in the same year.
  • A Referral Reward will be paid our when both the Referrer and the Referred have paid for their completed tax return.
  • The Referred must be a brand-new client to Cloister Tax Services or a returning client that hasn’t used our service in over 3 years.
  • At minimum, the Referrer and the Referred must have a complete Federal Income Tax return prepared for them (other sole types of tax returns like PA Rent Rebate returns and dependent tax returns do not qualify for a Referral Reward).
  • Named dependent tax returns not eligible.

Save Your Friend an Additional 10%!

Take a moment now to refer your friend and we’ll mail them a voucher good for a 10% discount (valued up to $20) off of their tax preparation fee.  Simply complete all the fields in the form below and we’ll send them the voucher!


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